Finding The Right Bedside Table

Some important features of bedside tables are often overlooked. Here are a few factors which will help you in your search:

Function: The first point to consider is the functionality of your bedside table. Drawers can be a great solution to a cluttered tabletop, or opt for a shelf to display your objects of art. Consider the size you need for your lamp, glasses, mugs or books. There are many different sizes and combinations to serve these purposes. Also pay particular attention to the height of your bedside table. Mattress heights vary significantly and you ideally want your bedside table to sit just below the level of your mattress so you can access it easily and don't have to reach down or up. Being NZ manufactured we can alter the height of any of our bedside tables so feel free to contact us on with your requirements.

Color: Normally the first consideration for any bedroom furniture but with a range of options to suit any style, you have the liberty of choice. If you want your bedside table to match your existing furniture, we can stain match to a physical sample, or paint match to any Resene colour. Contact us for more information. The key factor to keep in mind when choosing your color is how it will blend in with the rest of the room. A white bedside table blends well in a bright, modern style as opposed to black which can blend well in a traditional or contemporary room.

Material and Quality: The material of a bedside table can have an effect on how long it lasts over time. We mainly use use New Zealand grown Radiata Pine and American Ash timber. While Pine is a softer timber, it is ideal for furniture and if cared for can last for many years. American Ash is a harder and more durable timber with a definite grain which looks stunning with any of our stain finishes. As with all wooden bedside tables, we recommend you use coasters for any hot or cold drinks to protect the surface and give your bedside table a longer life. All bedside tables come with a 10 year warranty to show our confidence behind the crafstmanship!